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If you aren’t aware of Homeland Cultural Center and what they do, Dancefest was the perfect place to get to know them. As the Arts Council for Long Beach’s intern I was invited to attend the event with my supervisor Shay Thornton Kulha and I was very pleasantly surprised! The program informed me all about how the cultural center is located in MacArthur Park and has “free classes and drop-in programs in street dance, instrumental music and graffiti art”. What struck me personally was the wide variety in the performing groups- both in style and age. Because I enjoyed it so much, and want everyone to check it out next year, I’m going to give a breakdown of my impressions of the show because it was truly an energetic atmosphere with so many groups to enjoy!

Dancefest featured a huge list of performing groups such as:
West Afrikan Drum and Dance Ensemble
Cambodian Fine Art Heritage Relief Foundation
Homeland Funkstylers
Xipetotec Aztec Dance
Ballet Folklorico Maria
Homeland Sound Army
Ancient Khmer Martial Arts
Homeland Street Dance Crew and Kids
Hmong Association of Long Beach
Homeland Grand Finale

In addition to the dance groups there were four spoken word performances by:
Felicia Cade
Sean Hill
Aaron Taylor (Wolf)

The show started with the West Afrikan Drum and Dance Ensemble and their wonderful high energy kept the audience engaged, clapping and cheering along. This was followed by a gorgeous dance from the Cambodian Fine Art Heritage Relief Foundation, where three young girls performed an elegantly controlled blessing dance. The pace picked up after their performance when the Homeland Funkstylers featured several ensembles ranging from hip hop to a diva all girls number! Following them was the Xipetotec Aztec Dance group- and they had a huge ensemble of children dancing in traditional costume (the amount of feathers was truly impressive)! Then finishing the first act was several numbers by Ballet Folklorico Maria, which was also performed by children. They actually had my favorite performer- probably the youngest boy in the show- who was SO excited to be dancing, but sometimes forgot to follow the group and had a couple cute unintentional solos!

By this point two of the spoken word artists, Felicia and Sean, had performed and they both had incredibly positive messages about love- loving others and romantic love- that resonated with the audience that responded quite well with them. The later artists, Wolf and Jumakae, had different focus- identity. Wolf spoke quickly and it seemed to be a battle machismo cry of manly skill and identity. This was quite different than Jumakae who spoke about her heritage both as Thai and American and reclaiming her body- something many women in the audience audibly supported!

The second half of the show began with Homeland’s Sound Army, which started with an original piece that was heavily instrumental, then transitioned into a rendition of Michael Jackson’s Beat It that had the audience singing along. Ancient Khmer Martial Arts was the next group, and they demonstrated to a fun soundtrack group movement and form, and then a series of intense mock sparring between individuals and sometimes groups! Then Homeland presented another of its groups, the Street Dance Crew and kids- which featured all ages and choreography I would never be capable enough to rock! It was clear from their comradery on stage that they loved performing and even more performing together. Next was the Hmong Association of Long Beach. Their leader Wang Xiong played a truly impressive traditional instrument (and I could not figure out how he was breathing) while a band of elegantly and traditionally attired youth marched in time and to subtle choreography around the stage. Then there was a girls number that was super sweet and involved another series of instruments I’d love to study! The Homeland grand finale had some truly impressive solos and a celebration of almost the full cast on stage!

All in all, this was a great showcase of what Long Beach has to offer, and the Arts Council was truly excited to see Jim Ruggirello, Community Services Supervisor’s vision come to life!

If this performance sounds exciting- get ready for A LOT 2014’s “Color Me Long Beach” a multi-media event that will feature many of the groups from Dancefest on September 27, 2014! A FREE event with 5 hours of programming, booths, and food trucks it’s going to be quite colorful indeed!

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The Best Kept Secret of the Long Beach Public Library: 3D Printing for Free!

If you have felt curious about the new-newfangled, expensive-sounding 3D printing craze- head down to the Long Beach Public Library!

The Library has a technology focused center on the lower floor that houses it’s completely FREE for use “MakerBot 3D printer, a MakerBot Digitizer, 2 iMac and 2 HP computers with Adobe Creative Suite 6, SketchUp 2014, Final Cut Pro X and many more programs available for public use”.

If you aren’t sure how to work a 3D printer there are weekly intro workshops every Saturday from 2:00pm-3:30pm! Throughout the week there are other tutorials on: ebooks, apps, tablets, daily coding, origami, and photoshop! All are free to attend, and if you don’t have a library card, or are from out of town, you can still use the studio and all it’s services!

I might sound a little effusive, but we are the 2nd city in California to have a 3D printer, and Los Angeles representatives are observing our model to implement into their system at later dates!

Some fun facts about the 3D printer: It uses corn based bio plastic (so it’s pretty green!), it can be used to print BLING rings like in the photo (which takes an hour) or detailed Terminator busts (that take 15 hours), it can also print parts for another 3D printer (which the staff is currently doing!), and it can work with the digitizer to create and edit objects again and again!

For reservations there is a proposal form on their website:

or you can make one in person and meet some of the wonderful staff on hand! They make a point to give priority to first time printers!

David Hedden, one of the wonderful studio staff and a Long Beach artist commented on how the space can really “accelerate innovation to all people” and I fully agree and hope you all check it out! For those who weren’t aware- this library is located in Downtown right next to city hall. However, if you’re in northern Long Beach, the North Library is in talks to get a 3D printer some time in the next two years!

So spread the word, and check it out! This Long Beach Public Library secret is one that needs to be shared!


Robert Garcia

Fantastic Five- Five Things to Check Out in LB This Week!

Long Beach is a thriving cultural scene- and if there’s one problem, it’s keeping up with all the events happening! And so I, A LOT Intern, Ashley Ethington, have endeavored to help you all discover some FANTASTIC events to check out this weekend/week!

These events represent the variety of Long Beach quite well- so check out your favorite or them all!


1. “Pulp Fiction” Lola’s Outdoor Retro Cinema at Sunnyside Cemetery

When: Friday June 11, 2014 from 8:30pm-11:00pm
What: For those looking for a fun night out, a movie night in the cemetery is a great unusual pick! Admission is $10 to see the Quentin Tarantino classic, “Pulp Fiction” with the proceeds supporting Sunnyside Cemetery, a non-profit historical institution celebrating over 100 years in Long Beach. It is announced as “A portrait of the seedy Los Angeles mob element, told out of order and with doses of humor side-by-side with candid depictions of violence, Pulp Fiction was unlike anything audiences had ever seen in a mainstream American film” so if it’s your first time seeing the classic be prepared! As the film is Rated R, those under 17 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian- but all are welcome to come and bring their low-back chairs, blankets, and picnic baskets! There is limited stacked parking at the cemetery, as well as street parking on Willow.
Where: Sunnyside Cemetery
1095 E Willow St
(562) 595-9392

2. Artist Talk with Ramon Rodriguez
When: Saturday July 12, 2014 from 6:00pm- 8:00pm
What: For those more inclined to the fine art scene, Ramon Rodriguez, CALB (Cultural Alliance Long Beach)’s July Artist, will be speaking at CALB- where his solo show is currently located! Rodriguez was born and raised in the Bolivian Andes and in the U.S. he has paintings and sculpture in the Museum of Latin American Art (MoLAA) and has shown at the Long Beach Museum of Art. Ramón has shown his work in many museums, art centers, and galleries- frequently as a solo artist- as well as being featured in magazines and papers. In addition, he has been awarded two Professional Artist Fellowships by the Arts Council for Long Beach. Come and enjoy wonderful work and this fascinating artist’s perspective this Saturday!
Where: Cultural Alliance Long Beach
727 Pine St
(562) 436- 3421

3. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with Musical Theatre West
When: July 11-27, 2014 (starting times ranging from 2pm to 7pm or 8pm)
What: If you’re looking for a magical night, perhaps with the family, then Musical Theatre West’s production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast should be added to your calendar! Performed at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center, they invite you to “Be our guest as we present this truly enchanting musical, perfect for the whole family. Our heroine, Belle, lives in a quiet village until her father, Maurice, is taken prisoner by a ferocious beast. Thank goodness Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, and Cogsworth are on hand to teach both Belle and Beast that you can’t judge a book by its cover.” Tickets have already begun to sell out, so get online (or on the phone) fast to purchase your tickets! You won’t want to miss a romantic and fun adaptation of the animated film- it’s a wonderful performance for any age!
Where: Carpenter Performing Arts Center
6200 E Atherton St
Box Office Information: 562.856.1999 x4
Tue – Sat 12:00 – 6:00p

4. Second Saturday Art Walk
When: Saturday July 12, 2014 from 6:00pm-10:00pm
What: If you like to wander and explore, the outdoor Second Saturday Art Walk is the place to go discover! Self-described as “a milestone of a new relationship between the artist community, businesses and residents” they offer a assortment of experiences “with a street art fair on Linden Ave, local art galleries participate by hosting the opening receptions, and businesses display the art-works in various creative ways”. If you are looking for more hands-on or interactive experiences then check out the “kid’s creative station, fashion show, live music, performances [or] pottery studio”. The businesses in the surrounding area are open late, giving more options to search in Downtown Long Beach on a lovely Saturday night!
Where: First St and Linden Avenue
(562) 682-9735

5. Inauguration and Inaugural Celebration
When: Tuesday July 15, 2014 at 5:30 pm (Celebration from 7:00 pm- 10:00 pm)
What: Mayor Robert Garcia and the newly elected leadership of Long Beach will first be sworn in at a ceremony held at The Terrace Theater (limited seating so first come first serve!). This young and accomplished politician, educator, and advocate believes “The art and music scene in Long Beach has long been one of Southern California’s best kept secrets – but we must not keep it a secret any longer.” On his website he discusses how his “push to open up more areas for art and music, and give businesses more flexibility – and lower local taxes and fees – has helped revitalize the cultural life of Long Beach, especially for new and young artists who want to create and sell their work locally.” As for the Arts Council for Long Beach, we sincerely look forward to working with the new Mayor and his team to further the future of the Long Beach arts community. If you’re looking more to celebrate, or can’t make the earlier ceremony- head over to the Pacific Ballroom at the Long Beach Arena! They promise “food stations, entertainment, dancing, and a no-host bar”! As it is an event that benefits the non-profit Children Today, it’s a great fun event to celebrate the city’s future while supporting a great cause!
Where: Inauguration- The Terrace Theater
300 E Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach Performing Arts Center
Celebration- Pacific Ballroom of the Long Beach Arena
For Information on the Celebration- Call Children today at: (562) 432-1224
Facebook Invite:



What does it mean to be a Getty Intern

One word could sum up being a Getty Intern: opportunity. And nothing manifests that word more obviously than the Getty Multicultural Undergraduate Intern Summit. Interns from across LA County flock for the day to the beautiful travertine campus of the Getty Museum overlooking Los Angeles. There they listen to a former Getty Intern guest speaker- who now is an artist, actor, and community activist; meet the heads of diverse fields within the art world as they give advice and discuss their own career paths; and get behind the scenes and first look tours of the Getty’s departments and new exhibits. They are reminded in the morning and within the key note speech how instrumental these internships can be for their future, and the benefits of developing strong relationships with their mentors.

If the interns were not aware of the wonderful opportunities they had hard won over other applicants they would be now- and I certainly was. I personally attended lectures on marketing, the role of the curator and the art’s institution, development in art museums, donor relations, and stewardship, and art writing. All were heart-felt lectures on the different fields, personal career paths, and open requests for questions on what us interns specifically wanted to know.

By the time we got to go behind the scenes where I saw their awesome conservation equipment and tour their brand new Rococo exhibit with its curator I felt like a kid in a candy store. All in all, it was a wonderfully informative day that was planned and executed flawlessly.

My week continued its wonderful high, as on Wednesday I got to attend the Los Angeles County Arts Commission Summit with my fellow intern Mandy Matthews. While there we had an awesome keynote speaker, who actually was an LMU alumnus, and then two lectures- one on marketing and the other on creating arts professions. The speakers had fun real life examples from promoting concerts, to being in West Side Story, to winning a Grammy. We also had the pleasure of touring MOLAA’s exhibits (where the event took place) as well as The Pacific Islander Ethnic Art Museum where we got to see a performance of Tahitian dancing.

The whole day exposed the interns to new skills and avenues of work- all while networking with each other. It was a great opportunity for Mandy, who had never met her fellow interns before, and extremely informative for me as I got to branch out and meet people working in more of the entertainment side of the arts. For anyone reading this still in college- apply for internships under these umbrellas, they are not only paid but invest quite actively in training you to become the next generation of arts professionals!

Intern Workshop Friday


One of the great parts about having an internship is knowing that you are gaining skills that make you a more qualified and marketable candidate for jobs, and this was a direct example of that. This week Mandy Matthews, Shay Kulha, and I (Ashley Ethington) met to have a resume workshop. Every emerging arts professional knows that your resume, in so many ways speaks for you, and is your first toe in the door at any institution or company. It was super exciting to meet with Shay and bring in our current resumes (Shay even showed us her resume as an example!) and take them apart.

We focused on prioritization, and better organization of our current resumes- including where to put our now current Arts Council of Long Beach internships! It’s always great to have a second pair of eyes on something you read a million times over, and since Shay reviews countless resumes through the year it felt spectacular to see her highlight and edit what really caught her eye as an employer and professional.


After that, we moved onto step two- where to start the job search!

Shay connected us to Los Angeles Culture Net:;_ylc=X3oDMTJkM3NncmhrBF9TAzk3MzU5NzE1BGdycElkAzIwNjMzODAEZ3Jwc3BJZAMxNzA1MDQzOTg4BHNlYwNoZHIEc2xrA2hwaARzdGltZQMxMzk1MzEwNzU1

A yahoo group that serves as “a forum in which arts administrators, artists, and anyone passionate about the arts in Los Angeles County can communicate with each other.” There are many different positions of varying levels posted from internships to salaried director positions, which makes it a great resource for anyone job searching in the art world.

She also suggested emailing the plugged in Dan Rothblatt who sends out email blasts of job postings from his vast connections in the art world of Los Angeles. Some of the jobs I’ve seen already were super compelling! Shay suggests shooting him an email personally introducing yourself as the emerging arts professional and why you’re interested. His email is:

The final place to check is the California Arts Council Job Board which has awesome credible job postings to check out at any point! Their website is:


All in all it was great workshop and we had a great time trouble-shooting together and learning lots!



Meet Ashley!

My name is Ashley Ethington, and I am the new A LOT Curatorial intern for the Arts Council of Long Beach. I recently graduated this May from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Art History after three years of study. While at LMU, I was the student director of the Thomas P. Kelly Student art gallery, sang with the Women’s’ and Consorts choruses, worked on campus in the Murphy Recital Hall, danced Tahitian dance with the Hawaiian club Na Kolea, and before that worked off campus as a tutor through LMU’s program Lions for Learning. LMU enabled me to have a variety of interests within the arts, and utilize my great passion for the promotion of them within our community. Last summer, I was the Getty Multicultural Curatorial Intern for Arts & Services for Disabled, Inc., which is a wonderful Long Beach non-profit that often works with the Arts Council for Long Beach. Through that internship I got to curate their summer show Vibrant= Alive + Colorful and interact with the wonderful artists during class time whom inspired the title of the show. A fun fact is that through Getty programming I got to meet the former intern for ACLB, Jameel Odom. I am so excited to get connected to the community, and be part of such a great legacy and program.

This summer I particularly will be involved in the A LOT initiative as the assisting intern to Shay Thornton Kulha. A LOT is a performance art initiative that connects the community with its artists in vacant lots around Long Beach- bringing new life to the spaces. With my background of both fine art and musical/dance performance I am incredibly excited to see these cross-genre events in action. One of the most difficult parts of the art world for any artist or organization is accessibility- and since arts awareness with the public is one of my particular missions I view this as a great opportunity to engage and educate more audiences within the community.

I will be keeping in contact with the wonderful artists and organizations that are participating. As such, feel free to contact me with questions, scheduling concerns, for trouble-shooting, or just for information about the program in general. In any case, I’ll be giving updates throughout the process and keeping everyone as excited as I am in A LOT. Looking forward to a busy and thrilling summer!


Meet Mandy!

The Arts Council for Long Beach is proud to introduce Mandy Matthews, our Arts Learning Intern. Mandy will be with us this summer thru the Los Angeles County Arts Commission Internship program. 

Hello everyone! My name is Mandy Matthews and I am the new Arts Learning Intern at the Arts Council for Long Beach during the summer of 2014. I am excited to begin this journey with the Arts Council this summer and write about my experience on this blog. Before I begin this blog I want to tell you all a little bit about myself and my background.

I am originally from Fullerton, California but moved to Northern California at age six to a small town named Auburn. I grew up in the foothills of California in between Sacramento and the beautiful Lake Tahoe. Auburn is a close nit community that highly values local artists through local art walks and several art galleries within town. I currently attend Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles where I pursue my passions of dance and history. I am also working towards gaining a certificate with the Secondary Teacher Preparation Program to be a history high school teacher. On campus, I am involved with many dance projects including student concerts and a dance leadership organization. I am also part of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority where I do many community service projects throughout the greater Los Angeles community. This summer is my first time as an intern but my past work experience include being a dance teacher for six years and working on the Loyola Marymount campus as an assistant to a theology professor. I was intrigued to be an intern for the Arts Council because of their communal values and efforts for artists of all fields.

I am especially excited to not only bring my past knowledge and experiences to the arts learning programs but also to learn more about how to educate youth and the values that the programs emphasize. I will be working specifically with the Eye on Design program. Eye on Design benefits the community by educating third graders from local schools about the art within their community. Working with Eye on Design will be beneficial to my future goal of being an educator in the fields of history and art. I am excited to bring my majors together and apply them to Eye on Design! This program will require many creative ideas, commitment, and hard work that I am ready to dive into. I appreciate what the program stands for especially that it allows students to learn and value art within their classroom. Art of all kinds should be seen as an opportunity and it is important to allow students to discover their talents and interests within art.

This summer at the Arts Council for Long Beach will require a lot of dedication, engagement, and creativity that I am thrilled to be a part of. I am blessed to have been given this opportunity to learn and embrace the programs of the Arts Council and work with these incredible staff members. Be prepared to read more about my experiences here on the blog and all that I am learning!